Stabproof Vests


Stabproof vests come in varying forms, with certified protection levels and choices of materials. Soft or hard shell solutions are widely sought after, depending on weight and operational requirements. All Stabproof Vests are stab-resistant vests which meet or exceed nationally accredited standards in the United States, Great Britain, The European Union, or other regulatory systems.

These kinds of body armour garments are designed to protect the wearer from sharp objects such as knives, blades, and needles. Unlike bulletproof vests that are designed to protect against bullets, stabproof vests are specifically designed to resist punctures and slashes from bladed instruments. There are dual purpose vests available, though this can come with a compromise in weight at lower protection levels. The ceramic plating found in higher level body armour products can offer great protection from blunt or bladed instruments.

Stabproof vests are often made with multiple layers of materials such as Kevlar or other synthetic fibers that are tightly woven together to form a tough barrier. Some Stabproof vests also include protective plates made of hard materials such as ceramic, polycarbonates or metals to provide additional protection.

It is important to note that while Stabproof vests can provide a high level of protection against knife attacks and other sharp objects, they are not completely impenetrable and can still be compromised if subjected to enough force or multiple attacks. Therefore, it is essential to follow proper safety protocols and use appropriate tactics when dealing with potentially dangerous situations.

When deciding if you need a stab or bulletproof vest consider what dangers you are most likely to come up against and plan from there. Most people do not need body armour on a day to day basis yet having it available for situations which require additional protection in a work or home environment can provide additional protection in difficult situations.