Nicola Bulley Murder Mystery Suicide Death Investigation ongoing

Nicola Bulley Murder Mystery Suicide Death Investigation ongoing


Police Divers and forensic experts have returned to the possible crime scene in St Michael’s on Wyre, Lancashire,, to further search the River Wyre, where the Nicola Bulley suicide murder death mystery continues. This high profile case shows no sign of relenting and the tragic circumstances of her death are still being analysed by the police and coroner. There is no ongoing criminal investigation that we know about. This case, either accidental or intention, has brought massive public interest, with widespread shock and anger at what has been seen as a botched investigation.

The Police theory that Nicola Bulley allegedly drowned by suicide or accident has now also been questioned by the Coroner in charge Dr James Adeley who has instructed Lancashire Police to urgently carry out further investigations to ascertain the cause and manner of death.

When Nicola Bulley disappeared over two months ago, Police initially believed her mental state, domestic situation and alcohol usage were contributing factors to her untimely death. This was widely criticized at the time by human rights organisations and the public generally, as well as her partner Paul Ansell, the couple were unmarried. 

Locals have recently reported an increased police presence in the area over the past week. Residents are rightly concerned that there could still be a murderer out there, and are following updates in this case closely.

With many having lost faith in Lancashire Constabularies initial investigation of the tragic and mysterious death of young Nicola Bulley, the coroners intervention has brought hope to those who believe justice is yet  to be done. Many people believe that there is more to this case than is currently apparent. 

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From the start in the NIcola Bulley disappearance and death case there has been a sense that Police were investigating their theory of accident or suicide, and not looking at the wider picture, failing to interview under caution key persons linked to the case. The delay in finding a body has meant that autopsy results will likely be quite limited in scope. She was later identified from dental records. 

Specialists have recently been filmed again combing the River Wyre, Lancashire, seemingly looking for additional evidence to lead them to getting a greater understanding of what happened during Nicola Bulley’s final hours. Police are searching an area less than a mile from the bank where the mother-of-two, who had everything to live for, was last seen on January 27th 2023.

Her disappearance sparked a 23 day manhunt, and her body was finally found in an area which had been searched numerous times before. Some have said that they believe she did not die on the day she disappeared, but that her body was dumped in the river some weeks after her death. Others have said that it is not uncommon for a body to get stuck deep in a river then later come to the surface. The river had been searched using sonar and other specialist equipment, which should have picked up any person in the water, they did not. 

Since Nicola Bulley’s disappearance Internet forums and message boards have theorised over whether Nicola Bulley was infact murdered, her partner Paul Ansell, 44, has expressed frustration at the police investigation. A number of persons have been linked to the death, though no official suspects or details of police questioning of those linked to Nicola Bulley have been publicised.

Paul Ansell was the person who raised the alarm after a local resident found their spaniel running loose close to a bench overlooking the river, which was then traced back to the Ansell Bulley residence. Her mobile phone had been left on a bench by the River Wyre, and it is believed she was wearing a smartwatch device which could aid police in their enquiries.

Dr James Adeley, Senior Coroner for Lancashire, has asked Lancashire Police to re-investigate and return to the water to help confirm her cause of death and what exactly happened before she was found in the reeds on February 20th 2023. Some have theorised that her death was not due to drowning, though this has not yet been confirmed or denied by authorities. The Nicola Bulley case is full of intrigue an there is a definite sense that a missing link will bring new light to this ongoing investigation.

Footage taken from the scene shows police divers working in the Wyre near its weir on Tuesday, April 4th (See Video). The divers can be seen wading through the water next to the weir close to where the 45-year-old’s phone and her dog Willow were found on the morning she disappeared. It seems unusual that if it was a planned suicide she would take her dog with her. 


A spokesman for HM Coroner has said:

“The investigation will take time to complete to ensure that as complete a picture as possible of the facts concerning Ms Bulley’s death is presented at the inquest. This will assist the family in understanding what occurred.”

The divers climbed over the weir and one was seen floating on his back’ in the water, apparently assessing how a body might go over the weir. They were then filmed wading through the water at different depths, and carrying out other investigations pertaining to water flow etc.

Nicola Bulley’s body was eventually found a mile downstream from the weir on February 19th 2023, hidden among reeds and undergrowth, but the cause of death has not yet been made public.

The next hearing of the inquest into her death is being heard on Monday, June 26th 2023 at County Hall in Preston, Lancashire. Lancashire Police have confirmed the divers returned to the River Wyre as part of the investigation into Nicola Bulley’s death, and said:

“We can confirm this is us carrying out some work at the direction of HM Coroner,”

Lancashire Police is now facing several probes over its handling of the Nicola Bulley Murder Death Mystery case. The force has been widely criticised for disclosing Ms Bulley’s struggles with alcohol and the perimenopause two weeks into the search, perhaps in an attempt to dissuade the public from panic and concern, after she vanished by the riverside near St Michael’s on Wyre.


Lancashire Constabulary have also failed to address why it took 23 days for Ms Bulley’s body to be found, and its handling of social media sleuths and Journalists who filmed themselves searching for the 45-year-old mortgage adviser, but were cruelly attacked by police, facing arrest and criminal prosecution.

Her body was eventually discovered on by psychic Jason Rothwell, who should probably be seen as a hero figure in all this. 

An inquest into her death was opened and adjourned in February. Coroner Dr James Adeley told the four-minute hearing at Preston Coroner’s Court that Ms Bulley was identified by dental records. He added the remainder of the evidence ‘will require further evaluation’ and no cause of death was given.

The Independent Office for Police Conduct has begun investigating Ms Bulley’s prior contact with police, and it appears there was a difficult domestic situation ongoing. An officer carried out a welfare check at her home 17 days before she went missing.

And the Information Commissioner’s Office – which focuses on data privacy – has made initial inquiries with the force to understand the reasons for disclosing Ms Bulley’s personal information at a press conference.

A man (Believed to be Psychic Jason Rothwell) and a woman going for a Sunday search stroll spotted something in an outcrop of trees and undergrowth along the bank and called emergency services at 11.36am on Feb 19th 2023.. She had disappeared on the 27th January 2023. 

With the whole area on high alert, two police officers sped to the scene. A witness saw the man pointing toward the reeds told an officer:

“It was a body. It is down there. It was a body of a woman. There is definitely a body down there.”

The walker made his way down toward the spot by the bank as police launched a drone, finding Nicola Bulley. A police force helicopter was sent to the scene and patrol vehicles were quick to follow. Officers urgently cleared the area as a huge cordon was set up, Divers entered the water around 2pm as Detective Superintendent Rebecca Smith, the senior investigating officer, arrived.

Word of the police activity around St Michael’s on Wyre has been apparent since her disappearance and this case has been the talk of the local community ever since. 

Lancashire Police released a 104-word statement from police headquarters near Preston detailed that divers had “entered the water and sadly recovered a body”

UPDATE 12/04/2023 – Reports indicate police divers now looking for specific object in river, could be the smartwatch or other item. 

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