Islamic Jihad Rocket Attack on Gaza Hospital

Islamic Jihad Rocket Attack on Gaza Hospital

Islamic Jihad Gaza Rocket Attack

Potentially over 1000 people have been killed after a rocket struck Al Ahli Baptist hospital in Gaza. The Islamic Jihad group, linked to Hamas and the armed resistance movement which has control over the territory of Gaza. The Anglican Baptist hospital has been offering sanctuary of over 5000 people seeking safety in the warzone.

Hamas politically and militarily is now widely accepted as being a terrorist organisation, following attacks on the 7th October 2023 which killed over 1700 civilians in Israel, and citizens from over 27 countries around the work including Great Britain, France, Russia, and the USA.

British and American warships have made their way to the Mediterranean in order to assist both humanitarianly and militarily should the need arise. There is widespread misinformation and confusion relating to the source of the missile or rocket which caused significant damage and casualties. Initial reports of 300 casualties have increased to over 1000 with many more potential injuries. The BBC initially reported Israel were to blame, this does not seem to be correct though. All information suggests the missile suffered a misfire, or was infact a mortar. It cannot be discounted that this attack was carried out on purpose by terrorists within the Gaza Strip to stoke a wider war. The hospital is a Christian Hospital which could be a reason why it was attacked. Many many Muslims were being treated at the hospital. 

BBC report Gaza Hospital

People worldwide have rightly been shocked by this tragic incident which if dome on purpose would surely be a significant war crime. The IDF and Israel have denied responsibility for the attack.

Our thoughts must go out to those victims and their families, and hope Hamas can be defeated as soon as possible, so that the People of Palestine can build thei society into a thriving Middle Eastern Democracy in alliance with Israel.


There have been reports worldwide, including Jordan and Turkey of protests at Embassies of the Israeli government. Citizens are advised to remember to act in a peaceful manner.


Outbreaks of hate and opposition to the Israel Hamas War have been seen worldwide, including in London where over 100,000 Palestine Supporters, including supporters of Hamas, walked through the streets of London. Some of their actions have been described as Anti Semitic and elements of the Rally appeared to be Radical Islamists. The worry of radicalisation and brainwashing of young people within the UK is a definite concern for society.

The risks of the Middle East War expanding are very real and worldwide Diplomacy is needed to avoid further escalations. The USA have been making efforts to build a middle east alliance, yet potential threats from Iran and Syria are causing concern and the general person on the street in many Middle East countries will likely not sympathise with Israel as the war progresses and more Muslim nations are brought into the conflict such as Lebanon and Hezbollah.

UPDATE 19/10/2023: All indicators suggest a failed rocket launch from the graveyard behind the hospital resulted in a misfire of a long range Hamas/Islamic Jihad Rocket. President Biden and Rishi Sunak have visited Israel to show support, after mass outrage accross the Middle East partly due to reporting errors from world media sources. There is currently violence in Lebanon the West Bank and other flashpoints. 

Thoughts are with all those suffering in the warzone. 


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