British Soldier and Iranian fake bomb Terrorist suspect Daniel Khalife escapes HMP Wandsworth dressed as Kitchen Porter


Daniel KhalifePrison officers failed to immediately tell police suspected British Army trained terrorist Daniel Khalife was missing from HMP Wandsworth for around an hour, after the Military trained bomb maker and terror suspect Daniiel Khalife made another escape attempt. It is thought that he had made at least one previous attempt which resulted in failure. Despite this he was allowed to work in the kitchens and plotted his escape from there, potentially with the assistance of other prisoners, staff or contractors.

Questions will be asked why the opportunity for escape was given and whether this was an inside job so to speak, either from within the prison, or external actors.

This incident has all the hallmarks of a professionally planned escape with outside help from unknown sources. As Tom Hussey from The Sun has reported, Prison Offices did not tell police terror suspect Daniel Khalife had escaped until at least an hour after his disappearance. If true, the escapee would have had plenty of time to reach a safe house.

The current thought is that he could use a small boat to escape the UK, and from there make his way to Iran, which has been linked with alleged activities being carried out which attracted the attention of UK authorities who have been preparing to take Daniel Khalife to trial., to ensure public safety. Reports indicate he had made a number of fake bombs or devices for unknown intentions. It is also alleged that there is a link between Daniel Khalife and the government of Iran. Needless to say any person is innocent until proven otherwise.

There is every reason to believe the suspect will be apprehended swiftly, with multiple government agencies engaged in the search for a potentially dangerous man with a grudge and prospect of many years behind bars for public protection.

Members of the general public should rightly be concerned with the terrorist threat to the UK which this man presents, and .GOV will likely be updating the British people on a daily basis. It is perhaps only by the good will and hard work of the Police and security services that we do not suffer more from ideological menaces. By and large British people live their lives unconcerned with the probability of terrorism, yet we should always be aware and alert. Any concerns should be reported to the relevant authorities.

The 21-year-old British Army soldier awaiting trial on terrorism charges managed to break out of Category B HMP Wandsworth at 07:50 Hrs on Wednesday 06/09/2023 by clinging to the underside of a food delivery van. it is thought he was clinging on to the underside of the van to make his escape. This raises questions regarding the security checks carried out to vehicles entering and leaving a jail which houses some of the countries most dangerous offenders.

Khalife is thought to have used makeshift straps to attach himself to the food delivery truck and was underneath as it exited the prison. Daniel Khalife is a British citizen, former or current army soldier, and had was working in the kitchen when he escaped in a chef’s or kitchen porter uniform consisting of a white T-shirt, red and white chequered trousers and brown steel toecap boots.

Justice Secretary Alex Chalk has committed to a probe being launched into the prison as he made a speech in the House of Commons today.

He has vowed the fugitive prisoner “will be caught in due course” with “no stone left unturned”.

An additional independent investigation into the escape will also take place in the future.

Mr Chalk said: “What I can say is at approximately 7.30am yesterday morning, a vehicle which had made a delivery to the prison’s kitchen left MP Wandsworth. Shortly afterwards, local contingency plans for an unaccounted prisoner were activated and in line with standard procedure. The police were informed. The prison was put into a state of lockdown while staff attempted to determine Daniel Khalife’s whereabouts.”

Alex Chalk has confirmed the van Khalife had strapped himself to was stopped and searched by police after the alarm was raised, but by that time the suspect had absconded.

Airports and ports have been placed on high alert as anti-terror police look to stop the escaped prisoner leaving UK soil should he pass through a UK airport. The safety of air travellers at this time will no doubt be a top priority for the authorities. Citizens are advised to be alert.

The new terrorist threat will leave travellers facing longer queues at passport control and Border Force will increase checks on those traveling from airports including Heathrow, Gatwick and smaller city airports around the UK. Khalife has been training with the Royal Signal Corps before being discharged, after being accused of leaving fake bombs at an RAF base in January. Whether this was a joke gone wrong or if he had terrorist intentions in unclear.

He vanished for more than three weeks after the bomb hoax before being arrested on January 26th 2023. Since then he has been remanded in custody without bail.

Charges include offences under the Official Secrets Act and it is alleged Khalife collected personal information about soldiers from an MoD computer system that could be useful to an enemy. He was being held on remand at Wandsworth prison and is due to stand trial on November 20th 2023.

Ex-Met Police commander John O’Connor said: “This sounds like something which could have happened at Colditz rather than a modern prison. It makes the prison service look like a laughing stock. It is utterly ridiculous he managed to escape so easily with such a basic old-fashioned ploy. Escaping by clinging to the underside of a van is the sort of thing you see in old World War Two films.”

Rosena Allin Khan, the local Labour MP told Times Radio there were huge staff shortages at Wandsworth, and claimed any prisoner could have escaped from the estate. She added: “Wandsworth Prison is the fourth most overcrowded prison in the country, but struggles to find staff. I asked a PQ on staffing levels last year and was told less than half of shifts are filled. This prison also went 6 days without water recently.”

Although not considered dangerous, the public have been warned not to approach the escapee — who is slim with brown hair and around 6ft 2in tall — but to call 999.

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