Bournemouth Asylum Hotel Stabbing Victims Friend Praised

Bournemouth Asylum Hotel Stabbing Victims Friend Praised


The friend of a young Bournemouth man was praised by a Judge for saving the victims after stemming the bleeding and calling 999.

Bournemouth residents have been living in fear following a knife attack last December near a beach hotel in the quaint seaside tourist town which has been housing large numbers of Asylum Seekers and migrants from warzones around the world. Many have made the perilous jouney across the English Channel on small sometimes overcrowded boats. This has resulted in pressure on the British Asylum sytsem and lack of secure accomodation to process refugees.

Asylum Seekers housed in hotels around the country have put pressure on local services in small rural towns. Local Bournemouth Residents like Robert Readman have spoken out against the proliferation of Knife Crime

On this occasion it appears a young 26 year old Iraqi migrant with everyrhing to live for made a terrible decision which affected the Bournemouth community by spreading further fear of knife attacks. This is just one of a number of violent attacks involving weapons and sometimes even deaths in recent times. This includes the case of Lawangeen Abdulrahimzai who killed a local Bournemouth man in a row over an e-scooter.

The criminal Rebaz Mohammed made the Channel crossing,, sought Asylum, had his application delayed or rejected n some way, starting commiting crime, went to jail, then became disillusioned with Bournemouth life, not being able to work and earn money, living a pretty miserable existence in a 3 star hotel,

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Coming from warzones or places of discrimination Asylum Seekers and Economic Migrants no doubt suffer mental trauna and mental health issues are widespread. More needs to be done in supporting Migrants with mental health and allowing work where possible. We also need firm Policing to protect thea public, and likely security at some establishments holding refugees.

In this case  it is sad Rebaz took the decision to commit a crime to get sent away from the UK. Often people who want to be in Prison commit crimes purposefully to be there. Perhaps life in prison appealed to this young man. Whatever his motive the despicable act he carried out one sunny day in December is abhorent and could have resulted in the death of at least one person if not more.

Acting on bad advice that if he committed a crime he could immediately get his wish to go home to Iraq Rebaz bizarrely decided to stab someone with a kitchen knife, likely purchased from a local retailer or stolen.
Victim Ellis Wheeler, just 18, was attacked by thug Rebaz Mohammed on his way home from the gym.

A random moment in time that may change the brave victims life forever. He managed to get away from the 28-year-old mentally crazed Asylum Seeker, but did suffer at least one punchure wound to the lung having been stabbed in his back.

The £100-a-night taxpayer funded hotel he was staying at has concerned local residents with fears of increased crime and reduced safety.

The hotel is a short walk from Bournemouth’s main beach, and there are concerns that the knife crime epidemic gripping Bournemouth will only get worse with the Summer Season coming, and cost of living crising  already hitting the seaside Town,

Increased pressure on the local community from large numbers of migrants from Warzones around the world seeking santuary without the necesary mential health services to manage the influx.

The Roundhouse Hotel is a well known hotel near the seafront in Bournemouth where victim Ellis Wheeler was attacked after being stopped asked if he knew kickboxing then attacked without reason.

Whilst attacker Rebaz Mohammed carried out this sick and brutal attack in the hope he would be deported from the UK, he will now be spending at least 3 years behind bars, though on reflection, it does not seem a fitting punishment, and we should hope that he can be deported to a safe country after release. His sentence was 6 years but will likely service at least half, perhaps less if out on Tag.

In court the judge heard the violent thug has become disenchanted with life in the Bournemouth hotel. It turns out that Rebez Mohammed had a string of previous convictions which included a prison term.

After stabbing the victim he chased the Solent University student some distance before stopping his pursuit.

Southampton Crown Court heard that Mohammed had originally entered the UK illegally by crossing the Channel in a small boat. He complained of having ‘no work or money

The victim was taken to hospital where he had surgery and thankfully is recovering from his ordeal, though may well never fully recover from such an injury.

A heroic friend of the victim had put pressure on the wound while dialling 999, which the judge accredited for saving victim Elis Wheelers life. Elis has missed his exams and still struggles to sleep because of anxiety attacks.

Andrew Houston prosecuting, believe that Mohammed had spoken to people who knew the immigration system ahead of the attack, perhaps even researching online.

Even before the savage knife attack, the Iraqi had been cautioned for criminal damage and battery, in May last year he was jailed for 12 weeks for racially aggravated harassment and stalking, it is not clear if this relates to a woman or man.

To give him some credit Rebaz Mohammed plead guilty to grievous bodily harm with intent and possessing a knife blade. He could and likely should have been facing attempted murder charges, and a longer sentence.

Sentencing Mohammed, Judge Brian Forster KC  Said “‘When anyone carries out an attack with a knife it is down to chance. You could have killed the victim.’

Incidents like this are becoming more frequent with delays in asylum applications, and increased numbers of people seeking sactuary.

Stay Safe.

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