Bluntisham and Sutton Double Murder Kidnap Shooting Executions

Bluntisham and Sutton Double Murder Kidnap Shooting Executions

Meridian close in Bluntisham and a flat in Sutton have seen the executions od two ment and possible kidnap attempt of a young child involved in a custody battle between it’s parents. The situation escaladed resuling in a double murder shocking local residents.

More casualties in the war against illegal use of firearms within the UK sees British man Josh Dunmore, 32 executed and killed alongside his father Gary Dunmore, 57, in a separate location, in what is believed to be a violent family feud ending with multiple homicides, a most tragic outcome. 

The targeted double shooting came after young man Josh Dunmore had won a recent custody battle with his ex partner who appears to have been planning to take their 6 Year old child to America with her US Marine lover. A plot was then hatched to eliminate the child’s biological father and grandfather in revenge or perhaps some twisted plot to gain custody of the child. It is quite possible that the aim of the plot was to kidnap the child, who will now be under police protection. . 

The legal dispute over custody of the 6 year old child led to a family legal battle which went on to set in motion the brutal slayings in Cambridgeshire which have shocked leafy Cambridgeshire villages and those around the UK generally. All communities are affected by Gun and Knife crime. With the prevalence of guns in cities and the countryside firearms are a real danger within UK society. 

Murder in Meridian Close, Bluntisham

Josh Dunmore’s father Gary Dunmore 57 was attacked separately to Josh, but within 30 minutes of the initial killing,  in what appears to be a well coordinated revenge attack. The father and son were shot dead in two separate villages six miles apart in the Cambridgeshire countryside It appears likely that there was a single murderer in this case.   

Police believe the custody battle had turned hostile resulting in threats being made between the warring families, and they are pursuing every active line of inquiry as an expansive murder probe gets under way after the killings on Wednesday night 29th March 2023. 

Josh Dunmore had been found dead at a house in an upmarket new-build estate in Bluntisham after police received reports of gunshots in the area. Just half an hour later his father Gary Dunmore was also found dead at his flat in Sutton.

Cambridgeshire Police believe the custody battle and interactions between the warring families led to the tragic double killing. It is not thought to be part of wider drug and gang wars within the local area. 

Quote from friend of Josh: 

“I cannot believe I am writing this. This week was meant to be a celebration for you and your precious boy. I pray that you can rest in peace knowing you fought every day for Ryan. Everything you done was for him and he will forever know thi. I will remember to pick up my smile like you always told me when I had a resting b**** face in the gym. Keep on grooving up there rude boi. Love Harli.’”

Another friend has described Josh as a very caring person.’


A woman, believed to be the child’s mother, 33, a Male US Citizen 27, believed to be her partner, and a man aged 66 believed to be her father, were arrested yesterday on suspicion of conspiracy to commit murder. All three remain in custody awaiting questioning on the conspiracy. 

The British woman and US Citizen had been staying in a Cambridge Hotel when they were apprehended in the early hours of Thursday Morning 30/03/2023, and the older man was captured in a dramatic operation on the M5 Motorway near Droitwich, Worcestershire, over 100 miles away from the scenes of the killings, apparently carrying the murder weapon. Officers used a stinger device to stop a white Peugeot and a shotgun has been recovered for analysis. 

Chief Superintendent Jon Hutchinson said: 

‘At this stage we’re not looking for any further people in relation to the incident. Once we had identified that family relationship, it became quite apparent why this attack may have happened and this is clearly a targeted and isolated attack. A line of inquiry that we’re focusing on is that those people who are in custody are known to the deceased and have had recent contact with them.’

Police have stated that the two people arrested at the hotel were from the local area bur they are trying to  identify where they have been staying in recent days. The weapon is under forensic analysis to see if it was used at both locations. The firearm found may have been legally owned.

Detective Inspector Mark Butler of the major crime unit added: 

“There is no wider risk to the general public.”

Local residents and neighbours have described being shocked by the latest violent deaths in the leafy streets where family homes can sell for more than £500,000.

Designer Sarah Lown, 38, who lives near the house, split into two flats where twice-married builder Gary Dunmore lived, heard three loud bangs just after 9pm on Wednesday. She said 

“’I thought something had blown over,’ she said. ‘I didn’t think anything crazy had happened. Then I heard two more.”

Gordon Murray, 62, who lives opposite, said: 

‘There was a lot of shouting. Then I saw armed police.’

Residents in Bluntisham were ordered to stay indoors by officers as a helicopter circled overhead.

Retail worker Sharon Coulson, 58, said about Bluntisham

“’a nice place to live, nice country walks, friendly, everyone says hello”

Detective Inspector Butler said: 

“There will be an increased police presence in the areas concerned today and officers and crime officers will be at the scenes.”

Post-mortem examinations will take place in the coming days which are expected to show death by gunshot wounds and highlight any other injuries. .


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