2023 Update

2023 Update


Happy new year to all, welcome to the Protect Yourself blog. Thank you to all our readers over the years and we hope to continue with what we do best, into the future.

We are approaching the end of the redevelopment of our website and are working steadily to improve the site and continuing to build a valuable internet resource. 

This Blog will continue to report on a wide range of current news topics including crime, safety, war, technology, and other subjects relating to personal protection. 

2023, with the world facing pandemics, wars, and serious environmental challenges there has never been more need to stay safe in a changing world.

The Protect Yourself Blog aims to raise awareness of solutions and promote causes which protect life.

Since its conception in 2010 the Protect Yourself Blog has reached millions of perople with its reporting of current and historical events.

2023 is set to be an exciting time for the Blog and we envourage guest writers to promote their causes, developing a valuable public news and information resource.


Peter Nunn

Director – Protect Yourself