Duke of Edinburgh death Prince Philip almost dies from heart attack

The Duke did not die as initially reported by some news sources, and at this time thoughts are with the Royal family, reports suggest HRH The Duke Of Edinburgh, formerly Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark, had died, aged 90. He was said to of died from a heart attack at 21:12 hrs at Papworth Hospital, the truth was that he had a heart operation, a successful one, and is recovering. He was very lucky it seems that he was taken by helicopter to the hospital and they saved his life.

27/12/2011 – The Duke of Edinburgh has left hospital four nights after having a coronary stent fitted.

22:40 hrs 23/12/2011 – UPDATE – There has been confusion over the truth to the dukes death report. Sources which suggested he died appear to incorrect, and a statement from Buckingham Palace is being waited on. WIKIPEDIA appear to of confirmed the death initially then retracted it. It appears there is still hope the Duke survives, and has been revived. some reports are suggesting he had an operation at 18:22 hrs on the 23/12/2011, and Buckingham Palace had released a statement advising the Duke of Edinburgh underwent an operation for a blocked coronary artery. It was treated by a coronary stent, and he was in recovery

The Duke of Edinburgh is husband to the most powerful and admired woman in the world, Queen Elizabeth. Members of the Royal family have been gathering at Sandringham in Norfolk for the holidays, and it is a terrible time for them, especially at this time of year when the most admired person the Duke of Edinburgh has spent many Christmases with his family.

The fine work they all do for this nation is much appreciated. The Queen, Prince William and Harry are sure to provide support to the duke, and of course Prince Charles, in-fact many people throughout the world will be saddened at his death, when he dies.


Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh was born Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark on the 10th June 1921. He died on the 23rd December 2011 and was the husband of Elizabeth II. He had been the United Kingdom’s longest-serving consort and the oldest serving spouse of a reigning British monarch.

Philip is a generally healthy man despite his age and had been taken hospital to undergo vital tests and after suffering chest pains. It appears he was in the early stages of a heart attack, reported suggesting he died were incorrect, and at no point was he revived.

The duke avoided a heart attack after undergoing keyhole surgery to implant the stent into the heart. In his 90th year the Duke has had a great life, and done much good, and had many great adventures.

Despite the wonders of medical science the 90’s and 00’s are something which only a select few see, and much is and can be done to improve life expectancy long-term through solid science based advice on how to look after yourself through what you eat and do.

For the duke, who has kept remarkably busy over the past years, he is only now starting to take things at a slower pace, and enjoy a quieter life towards his twilight years, a recent interview showed a happy man looking forward to some time, for himself.

His body has slowly failed him, as it does many when they get old. He is a shining example of how to live your life. We should also think of others who are ill, and the elderly who often do not have a great quality of life. Modern technology in medicine has progressed such over the past years that potentially he has another 20 years left in him. The Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip, chose to go to hospital last night after suffering chest pains for a number of days, and was in the early stages of a possible heart attack.


A Buckingham Palace spokesman has advised he had tests at Papworth Hospital in Cambridge, had surgery, and now is in stable condition. There is much hope could be discharged before Christmas.

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  1. Well it does appear that the initial report MAY have been incorrect. At the time of going to press Wikipedia was checked and it confirmed the death of the Duke. Since then it appears to be incorrect, so someone must of incorrectly edited WIKI, or the death has not been officially announced.

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