Cut resistant neck and throat protection collars

The latest highly cut resistant neck and throat protection collars are now being sold which protect a crucial area of the human body. Either stand alone of as part of a full armour system human, K9, and horse protective coverings are used to reduce cut related injuries.

To suffer a throat cut is a terrible thing, and in the past front line police workers wore leather neck protection as strangulation by wire etc was a major method of murder. Nowadays throat cuts are much less common, and although the chances of a throat cut cam be small great care should be made in choosing neck protection.

You have the choice of a hard or soft armour system, and a punch to the neck can be very severe. Without revealing trade design secrets effective collar and throat protection is available from a number of manufacturers. We (humans) built the Pyramids, high quality armour is not a problem either. The neck of course has the windpipe, major arteries and muscle which should not be cut. Even the spinal cord? can be cut from the neck.

Neck protection is vital, though often overlooked as a key area to protect from harm. At this time the statistics for neck related deaths etc are not known, and really not a deciding factor in saying neck protection is a good thing. You can feel twice as confident knowing you are protected, and the neck is a key area. Solutions are a basic chain-mail to provide outstanding protection against all types of cuts and slashes.

Neck Protection Diagram

A cut resistant textile is also a very good solution. Chain mail is heavy, and a hood would be a few kilograms. Major protection, in an ideal word is needed for the neck. We want bullet, stab, cut and bite protection. Stand alone heavy neck protection would be foolish, you do not want all pressure applied to neck. By linking the armour over the head as a hood pressures are diverted.

The best armour to protect the neck should be a hard armour, encasing the neck at the back and across the front. Modern technology allows a good helmet which slots nicely on top of armour, though generally most military troops do not utilise full body armour, it is manly private professionals and security enthusiasts with money to spend.

Valuable animals such as working dogs and even crowd control horses are also being equipped with cut, slash,  and bite resistant protective clothing and armour. Some working dogs, especially those who need to work for extended periods of time in hot conditions benefit. Protecting the neck with a cost-effective protection system can benefit the user.

Cut resistant and multiple threat resistant neck protection and full body armour is available from companies such as Protect Yourself – Contact for more information.

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