Bullet Proof Vests And Ballistic Armour

Bullet Proof Vests And Ballistic Armour

Bullet proof vests and all kinds of ballistic armour are essential items of personal protection for professionals and concerned citizens. Ballistic armour solutions like bullet proof vests are worn to protect yourself from a variety of gun ammunitions. The NIJIIIA level is the highest certified level of soft vest protection, and probably the minimum level which should be looked at when buying a vest.

Bullet Proof Vests

You usually get what you pay for with ballistic vests, be it £200 or £800 per unit, bullet proof equipment varies in price according to quality, the manufacturing process and materials used. Of course even a cheap bullet proof vest, should protect you to defined levels, ie the NIJ certified levels. With additional quality the vest may last longer, be lighter or more comfortable, or have additional features, such as enchanced blunt trauma protection. Armour plates to protect from rifles and other additional features. Hard ceramic or plates using suitable materials are often needed by the military and private security operatives. Firearms present a very real threat to millions of people throughout the world. Quality bullet proof vests and armour solutions of all kinds can be found on the worldwide market. High quality expertly manufactured bullet proof vests are highly sought after, and are generally very affordable, costing less than a months salary for most workers.

Ballistic Vest

Armour specifically for police, army and international peacekeeping forces is manufactured in the UK and U.S.A. There are a wide range of ready designed U.S and U.K Certified ballistic only and stab/ballistic vests made, all according to strict protection level certifications. Bespoke armour and other armour solutions are made by companies which you do not always know about through normal methods of research. The UK and US ballistic certification standards are quite clear in what you will be protected against in terms of gun threats, ceramic plates or similar are usually required to get the highest levels of protection from rifle rounds. The term bullet proof vest is incorrect, though the protection levels you get from modern bullet vests is remarkable.

World Wide Exporters

The UK is a worldwide exporter of bullet proof vests to armies and professionals. The U.S is the UK’s main customer for ballistic protection. Close protection operatives to whom bullet protection and comfort is key often buy lightweight British vests. Ballistic protection is a worldwide business, and shipments to the Middle east and Africa leave the UK on a regular basis, to aid the protection of life.

Lightweight Bullet Proof Vests

One of our favourite bullet proof protection solutions at the moment is the next generation of ultra protective, thin, lightweight covert NIJ IIIA bullet proofs. Vests which are light enough to minimise fatigue, without compromising protection are quite simply amazing, and will save lives. The weight of ultra light armour can now be greatly reduced, with some lightweight armour weighing less than 1.8kg, whilst still maintaining the highest levels of soft vest protection. These kind of vests are becoming increasingly popular, and are sometimes upgraded with ceramic or stab plates to give additional protection. Covert or overt executive style bullet proof vests provide the ideal solution many front line professionals who have a risk of coming into contact with firearms. Bespoke bomb protection also manufactured.