Brislington vigilante fire murder of innocent Iranian Bijam Ibrahimi

In Brislington, Bristol an innocent man was killed by a vigilante group. The fire murder of innocent Iranian Bijam Ibrahimi followed his harassment by locals who chanted “pedo, pedo, pedo” when he was wrongfully arrested for taking pictures of young vandals and harassers. It appears he was victimized for a considerable time, and the people involved should be ashamed.

UPDATE 28/11/2013 – GUILTY VIGILANTES JAILED at Bristol Crown Court – Lee James, 24 – Mr Justice Simon has ordered that James must serve a minimum of 18 years in prison. Mr Ebrahimi, who was an Iranian national and in his 40s, died from head injuries. Stephen Norley, 24, admitted assisting an offender, has been given a four-year jail term.

Original report: Lee James and Stephen Norley have appeared in court, following the murder of suspected pervert Bijam Ibrahimi, who was savagely beaten, burned, and found dead at the weekend. Please note rumors of him being a pervert are unproven, and despite complaints from locals, this cannot be taken as being FACT. He was brutally killed, then set on fire, in an attempt to conceal evidence. The attack took place at a block of flats in Brislington, Bristol. Steve Norley and Lee James are currently awaiting trial for murder.


The family of family of Bijan Ebrahmi have released the following statement: “In the early hours of Sunday (14th July) morning our family had a brother, son, uncle and beloved friend taken from us in the most callous and unforgivable way.


“Bijan was a quiet disabled man whose only joys in life came from his horticultural interests and his cat.

“Bijan was a caring, loving and unselfish man. He was an excellent uncle and a warm supportive brother. Recent press coverage of Bijan’s murder has been damaging and distasteful and completely untrue.

“As a family we ask for privacy and respect as we go though one of the most challenging ordeals of our life.

“We are united together and we will not stop until we have justice for Bijan. Our family has been torn apart and affected our family both young and old. In this moment of grieving we beg, absolutely beg for anyone who may have been an eyewitness or seen absolutely any part of disgusting ordeal to be brave enough to step forward and give information to police. This is for the sake of our family and for putting our minds and the thoughts that haunt us every night at rest.”

Victim Bijam Ibrahimi has been in the UK for some time, originally from Iran. There are rumours that the attack is linked to a local dispute, involving a women Bijam had dated. Other reports suggest he was a sex offender, and the attack was a vigilante attack. Current evidence indicates a racially motivated attack.

The two murderous men, Lee James and Stephen Norley, who live next door to each other, appeared tired when they appeared in court charged with the murder of Mr Ibrahimi. Both men lived in Capgrave Crescent, before their arrests.

Lee James and Stephen Norley are both 24. They are accused of murdering Mr Ibrahimi between 13/07/2013 and 15/07/2013, in a cold blooded attack.

Lee James lived at 82 Capgrave Crescent, and Stephen Norley at 84 Capgrave Crescent. They spoke only to confirm their names, ages and addresses. As usual they at Bristol Magistrates Court initially, but due to the nature of the offences, the case has been referred to the crown court. Both men are thought to of admitted to the murder.

James was dressed in a black T shirt under which you could see his tattooed forearms. During the hearing he looked to the back of the courtroom with his arms folded. Norley, also wearing a black T-shirt, appeared remorseful, and spent most of the hearing with his head in his hands, crying. No doubt looking forward to a long time in prison. His family must be devastated, but if you want to murder, you reap the consequences.

Bijan Ebrahimi

Murdered in Brislington, Bristol. Set on fire, two persons are in custody at the moment, awaiting trial for murder.

Several family members were there to support the murderers, and some compassion should be felt for the families, who have now lost sons, not to mention the murder victim, who is likely to have family, who are without a son, brother, friend.

As per protocol No pleas were entered, both men were remanded in custody. Their legal representatives made no effort to gain bail, which is either an admission of guilt, or poor legal work. Both murderers are due to appear at Bristol Crown Court for a preliminary hearing on the 08/08/2013.

Bijan Ebrahimi was an Iranian, and had been living in Capgrave Crescent for about three years, prior to his untimely death. Bijan Ebrahimi died at the weekend in Capgrave Crescent. Mr Ebrahimi was believed to have been in his 40s, and died between Saturday and Sunday, when his body was found in the early hours by a member of the public alerted to a burning smell. He was savagely beaten around the head, then burned as he either lay dying, or was dead.

Key evidence appears to be that the victim had been arrested by police on Thursday evening, following complaints made by people living in the area. (Pedo, Rapist?). He was questioned, then released without charge. Norley’s girlfriend shouted “love you babe” from the public gallery. His dad said “I will get you out son”.

UPDATE 29/10/2013

It has now been man known that this man was in no way a pervert, pedo, of any kind. Multiple investigations have now opened into the vigilante murder, following the arrest and release of a man mistaken for paedophile. There are serious concerns that the police failed in their duty of care to the foreign national.

The IPCC and Bristol city council are now to review dealings with Bijan Ebrahimi, who was savagely beaten then burned to death by a pack of neigbours including Lee James and Stephen Norley. No other persons have yet been arrested in relation to the mob attack. Mr Ebrahimi had been photographing vandals wrecking his hanging baskets, and locals started rumors he was a sex attacker, which led to his arrest, to chants of “pedo, pedo, pedo” by locals.

Bijan Ebrahimi, 44, had taken a series of photographs of feral local youths who had regularly been attacking his hanging baskets. His intention was to hand the images to police as evidence. Ebrahimi who was registered disabled and couldn’t work. Callous locals started false rumors he had been taking pictures of young children.

Acting in haste, police officers took him away for questioning, as Ebrahimi left his council maisonette in Bristol residents began chanting: “Paedo, paedo”. THEY are to blame for his death, which was obviously motivated by racial hatred.

He was quizzed at a Trinity Road police station, where it soon became clear he was blameless. Police released him, yet failed to offer him any protection, or ease tensions with local residents. The false stories circulating in the Brislington area led to the two racist murderers Lee James and Stephen Norley deciding to take the law into their own hands, beating and burning the Iranian national to death.

9 thoughts on “Brislington vigilante fire murder of innocent Iranian Bijam Ibrahimi

  1. its really sad. if we don’t stop the crime and or racism, it will spread and tomorrow you, meander children will be a victim… so, lets stop it together by, staying together and reporting it to police ASAP please please please..

  2. killing anybody is wrong killing anyone innocent is worse..we should love each other … it is the wrong that should be disliked that one does but not the person who does it.

  3. It’s difficult not to wonder whether this man’s property was being targeted for vandalism just randomly or whether because he was the householder, e.g. because of his race and/or disability. The paedo accusations apparently didn’t start until he took photos of the vandals. Was this because someone genuinely thought he was a paedo or because the vandals were scared of being reported and wanted to retaliate and/or it was just another form of abuse to heap on what had already gone on before? The BBC did a documentary in 2009 (Panorama: Hate on the doorstep) showing two undercover Asian reporters experiencing abuse, death threats and physical attack from kids and youths on a Bristol housing estate. Perhaps his race/disability had nothing to do with it. but it would certainly help to let the culprits and possibly the authorities off the hook if this was assumed without the background to the vandalism being investigated.

    • I am convinced it was racially motivated, with the pervert angle being a cover story. The fact he was disabled and jobless no doubt made him an easy target. The community as a whole is responsible, I really doubt this is the action of two lone men. I saw that documentary, I think shot in Southmead, and it was sickening. I suspect the children were the instigators. It is the children who probably tormented this man, and their parents did nothing to stop them. The parents probably supported them, and filled them with racial hatred. If it was a black man, probably would not have happened, but because he was slightly different, he was targeted. Reports suggest he had been harassed for two years, and the police did nothing, as did the council. I look forward to the investigations being concluded. In my opinion, social services should get down there, interview the children, and take it from there. It is obviously a sick and bigoted community, with feral children, and parents not any better. We do have to remember, these people in the community are probably poor, on benefits, little hope, and in these situations, they look for someone to blame, someone to take their frustrations out on. Of course all speculation. The photographing was in retrospect foolish of him, if he had not, he may still have his life. Maybe we need to learn exactly what damage was being done to his property etc, there is allot to the case. The case shows how some communities (where they exist) have really broken down. He should never of been arrested, he had every right to photograph, that was not a criminal offence. The police have to take allot of blame here, they failed in their duty of protection, and made the situation worse.

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