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Founded in 2010 Protect Yourself™ developed its business and brand working with major British manufacturers and suppliers to serve our worldwide clients. Protect Yourself™ – Protecting You Always

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Protect Yourself™ is currently working to assist the worldwide pandemic effort in any way we can, follow our blog for the latest updates on our efforts.

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We can take your project to the next level by understanding your needs and offering you solutions suited to your niche requirements. Working with our manufacturing and wholesale partners to acheive what our customers need,   

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The Team

The Protect Yourself™ team work closely together and collaborate with outside partners to acheive outstanding outcomes.

We are experts in everything to do with protecting yourself from injury.

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Protect Yourself™ is dedicated to saving lives and making a real difference in workplaces across the world. 



Protect Yourself™ aims to become the UK’s most trusted protective equipment and services company leading the way in the manufacture, distribution, and sourcing of high quality equipment and services.

We are personal protective equipment specialists sourcing supplying and manufacturing bespoke and mass produced PPE products.  Offering innovative producsts and services, Protect Yourself™ has been around for over a decade. We are working in an ethical and science driven way to assist the pandemc effort, We believe every life matters and work tirelessly to provide innovative solutions to all.